Siding, Soffit, Fascia, Trims, Columns and other accessories.  



KWP Wood Products™, James Hardie Siding,™ Vinyl Siding and Cedar Siding are some of the typical products that are used to clad and protect the exterior walls of your home.  With hundreds of styles and colours to choose from we can find a siding product that will show the uniqueness of your home.  Besides colours and material composition there are profiles and finish styles that add to the dimension each product displays.  An important aspect to consider is product composition; the materials the siding is made from have properties that can add extra protection for your home.  Consider hail resistance and fire resistance as part of decision process as these are important properties to consider in our local environment.  Some insurance companies may even offer premium discounts  should you choose to clad your home with a product that carries either or both of these qualities.  Check with your insurance provider for further information.


This is the area under the eaves between your wall and the outer edge of the roof.  







Available in many finishes such as Longboard™, aluminum, vinyl, cedar and pine.  Soffits are an integral part of your exterior.  In many cases they act as the “intake” of fresh air into the attic space which is one half of a properly balanced attic ventilation system.  This air movement within the attic space is crucial for exhausting warm moist air to the atmosphere to prevent mold and moisture from damaging your insulation and timber framing.  










Fascia are the “facing” boards at the eaves and gable (rake) ends.  Some available materials are aluminum, Smart Board™, and Cedar.  The current trend is to finish the gable ends with multiple layers of composite materials to them build out which makes for great curb appeal.  Composite materials stand up to wind and hail much better than aluminum.